‘Being locally global’: power-geometries in post-global space

Certomà, Chiara ‘Being locally global’: power-geometries in post-global space. [Articles (Articoli)]

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‘Global’ and ‘Local’ are conventionally regarded as contrasting modalities of inhabiting the world; a clear opposition exists between those enhancing globalisation and those resisting its undesirable effects for the sake of local identity protection. This is particularly clear by considering environmental movements and politics concerning place protection. However, in the last decades it became increasingly evident that, the local is not merely a victim of globalisation; indeed, the global itself originates by the co-existence and the diffusion of different local elements. Furthermore, while globalisation frequently produces undemocratic and disempowering processes, at the same time, it fuels local strategies of resistance. As a consequence, places are not only the weak side of an asymmetric relation, but they are the location of multiple forms of politics, as social ecology issues reveal. At the same time, a more subtle and pervasive trend emerges: the local supports and makes up by the global itself. This means that globalisation does not only provide the devices and the procedures to convoke together anti-global forces, but that empowerment and protection of the local is the other side of the coin of globalisation. The two processes, far from being sharply opposed, are interwoven: it is the global itself that requires the local to exist. As a matter of fact, what is at the stake in any account of globalisation is the nature of the embedded power relations structuring it. These relations produce a fluid space of complex power-geometries. A critical approach would help in analysing place politics in terms of inequality, division, exclusion, contestation, resistance and inclusion. And thus, ‘spatialising’ the grand narrative of globalisation would allow plural and radical openness and a creative kind of politics.

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Additional Information: Draft version of the presentation for the conference “Challenging Globalisation”, Royal Holloway University of London, 2-4 September 2009
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